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Message From The Outgoing Chairman

Welcome to the Osteopathic Association of South Africa.

Our website is designed to provide practical assistance to help you locate your local Osteopathic practitioners, find out more about Osteopathy and access other useful links.

In addition, this site will keep you up to date with the latest developments in Osteopathy both in South Africa and Worldwide.

Osteopathy is a health care profession that is registered with and regulated by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). More information about the AHPCSA can be found at www.ahpcsa.co.za

Osteopathic representatives serve at both Council and Professional Board level within the AHPCSA. The Council representative for Osteopathy is Dr Patrick McDonald. The Professional Board members are Dr Tanya Botha and Dr Karla van Zyl. The contacts details for our representatives can be found under the ‘Find An Osteopath’ link.

Osteopathy is the oldest physical therapy recognised by the World Health Organisation. It was developed in the United States in the mid 1870′s by an American Physician and Surgeon. Osteopathy continues to provide safe and effective treatment whilst holding true to the philosophy of promoting health rather than symptomatic control of disease wherever possible.

Whilst Osteopathy is an ‘old’ profession, the knowledge and education that underpins it is truly 21st Century. This is set to be formally updated and maintained with the introduction of compulsory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in 2013. The OASA supports and is fully committed to this process and believes that it will benefit both practitioners and patients alike.

The recognition and reimbursement for Osteopathic treatment by South African medical aid companies has been and continues to be an ongoing problem. Whilst all medical aid companies now recognise Osteopathy as a discreet health care modality, some continue to exploit a legal loophole and do not reimburse their members for Osteopathic treatment. However, we are pleased that more and more medical aid companies are reimbursing for Osteopathic treatment. Unfortunately, the Osteopathic profession is trapped in a state of limbo as we are unable to move forwards from this point until the Department of Health formulates a new system by which treatment tariff amounts can be formulated. This has been an unresolved issue since February 2010 and there does not appear to be a solution forthcoming in the near future.

The OASA will continue to strive for equal recognition and reimbursement and achieve an outcome that benefits all Osteopathic patients.

Osteopathy continues to provide patient centred, holistic health care from newborn to elderly. This safe and effective form of treatment has made Osteopathy one of the most widely used forms of physical therapy in the World. The OASA aims to ensure that our levels of professional excellence continue. Should you wish to contact the OASA please send an e mail to ostassoc@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Dr Gary Riley
Past Chairman – OASA




e-mail: info@oasa.co.za